Known as “The Garden Island” due to its abundance of lush green tropical foliage and wild jungle-like scenery, Huahine is one of the more interesting of the Society Islands to explore. Huahine itself is actually two islands known as Huahine-Nui and Huahine-Iti (Big Huahine and little Huahine). Interconnected by a bridge, both islands can be easily explored in a day or two, making this a travel destination you will never forget.
This island is so relaxing and stress-free that many people pick it as their favourite Society Island after traveling here just once.
There’s also an abundance of long and beautiful white sandy beaches on Huahine… and the good news is that on this island, most of them are easily accessible for total quality beach and sun worshipping.
All these wonderful attributes and more make Huahine a fascinating world destination for you to explore. Take some quality time as you wander around and enjoy your stay.