One of the most remote archipelagoes from any continent, you can find this collection of small island paradises 1500 km North-East of Tahiti. The Marquesas Islands spread out over 12 islands of which only 6 are inhabited. Discover the rich history of exploration and archaeology scattered across the islands and follow the journey of Paul Gauguin, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Jacques Brel. Stunning bays, endless untouched nature, and mountainous peaks create a diverse landscape, ripe for the intrepid traveler. The Marquesan people are friendly and welcoming.
The island of Hiva Oa is one of the Marquesas Islands and is just under a 4-hour flight from Tahiti. With 320km of luscious mountains and magnificent valleys where horses gallop freely, waterfalls, rock outcrops, clean rivers untouched by the 20th Century. Mountain trails will take you on a journey through archeological sites, where the largest Tiki in French Polynesia can be found while strolling through banana and papaya trees and into the secret valleys of Puamau. Hiva Oa is well known as a place for artists, the most famous being Paul Gauguin. It is alive with history, culture, and creativity.