Rangiroa is the largest atoll in French Polynesia and the second largest atoll in the world. You’ll fall in love with the sparkling, translucent waters of the lagoon, the exceptional marine life, the dense tropical vegetation, the numerous excursions and the warm welcome by the inhabitants of the island.
Rangiroa consists of 240 motu (islets) separated by more than 100 small canals that form its coral reef. Surrounded by two legendary bodies of water, Moana-tea (Peaceful Ocean) and Moana-uri (Wild Ocean), the main villages of Avatoru and Tiputa offer the visitor with a unique look at the South Pacific. Described by Captain Cousteau as one of the most beautiful diving spots on the planet, it features an array of oceanic wildlife and unmatched marine encounters.
Even out of the water, non-swimmers will be able to see through the clear crystal waters to see this natural aquarium in all its glory. The pale pink sand of Rangiora’s beached is softer than any beach on earth creating the very image of paradise.Along the few roads, coral churches, craft centres, local restaurants, and tiny shops provide enjoyable land-based experiences to complement the many activities in the lagoon. Rangiroa is truly a dream destination.