Tahiti, the largest island throughout the country, towering over the ocean like a proud and royal Queen is appropriately crowned by a circle of majestic peaks. Home to the capital city, Pape’ete, Tahiti is the main port of call when you arrive via Faa’a International Airport. A hub of public activities and services with must-see gardens, boutiques, markets, and so much more, this is the perfect introduction to all that Tahiti has to offer.

The mountainous interior is adorned with deep valleys, clear streams, and high waterfalls, all bathed in green iridescence of Mother Nature’s light. The coastal lands, edged with a rugged coastline, are home to fields of tropical flowers and most of the island’s population. Tahiti is a word that evokes images of lush tropical landscapes; of crystal clear azure lagoons surrounded by soaring volcanic peaks; of love and romance; of gentle goddesses and fierce warriors, an island of dreams and legends. The first explorers returned home boasting that they had discovered heaven on earth; writers and artists have captured its beauty and have only been planning when to go back.